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Today's Music Monday Artist is Jezreel Sweets from Miami Florida. Yes, her music is catchy but what really catches you is her profound testimony of God's grace & restoration. Born of Haitian descent, Jezreel's flow and lyrical content greatly displays her love for God and her unapologetic, straight forward character. Jezreel Sweet, a Deerfield Beach native, is also known for her affiliation with former label (Dollaz-N-Dealz) which spawned the successful careers of Ace Hood and Kodak Black. She has also featured on some of the songs well-known Haitian bands. Being a preacher’s daughter and growing up in the church she was never fully comfortable with the secular music she was making. One day and engineer, now one of her good friends, invited her to a prophetic church. She really liked what she was learning about the love of God, and went on a 21 day spiritual fast. After the fast Jezreel was not able to make the worldly music she was making anymore, and had to cut ties with the secular music scene.Although the urge to make music that was not of God went away, the desire to touch people with the love of God through music began to grow. As Jezreel began to hit the studio a collection of songs about praising and worship God through the use of Hip Hop, RnB, and Caribbean inspired beats are what was created through the Holy Spirit.

We got the chance to talk with Jezreel. Let's see what she had to say...

KingdomSoldNYC: Jezreel Sweet, Tell us a little about yourself
Jezreel:I am a singer, songwriter, rapper, and speaker. I have been making music for years, but mostly secular. Even though the messages of violence, sex, pride, etc. were the norm, I never was quite comfortable with it. The last time I went into the studio to work on a project with my manager, also manages Kodak Black, I started going to church more. Then I went on a 21 day fast. I found myself not being able to go to the studio anymore to make the music I know didn't glorify God, and didn't lead anyone to Jesus Christ. My manager called me one day to see why I kept canceling, and I told him plainly that I went on a 21 day fast. It's funny; I didn't have to explain to him what was happening to me spiritually. He already knew we were not going to continue with the project.I wanted to give up music altogether, but the talents God put into me were not meant go to waste. So there is freedom now in making music. I get to glorify God, thank Him for taking me out of the lifestyle I was in, and for literally saving my life.

KingdomSoldNYC: You touched on a few points in your bio, but give us a synopsis of your testimony and how that has pushed you to be the woman you are today and the artist you are today.
Jezreel: I grew up in the church, but I didn't know God or have a personal relationship with him. I ran away from home. I had a baby out of wedlock. I quit school. I quit rapping, and I became a stripper. I was just running crazy in the world. People tried to talk to me, but I wouldn't listen to anybody. I was very far gone.
Even though I was hard on the outside, on the inside I was dying. I was crying out for help, but no one knew. I was destroyed and on my way to hell. Then one night I had a dream these robbers came to the club. They had big guns. One of them asked me, "Why shouldn't I kill you?" I said in the dream because I have Jesus. The man nodded his head and moved to the next girl. When he came to her, she screamed, and he blew her head off. Less than a month later, I was held at gunpoint on my doorstep. But thank God, he didn't shoot me. It was after that day I decided I have to stop. God by His grace warned me that if I don't stop, I would die and go to hell. It was after these events that I began to seek God, to get to know Him, and to build a relationship. I got to see how much He loved me. I saw that even though I was pushing Him out of my life, Jesus never gave up on me. When I say He saved me, He SAVED me.

KingdomSoldNYC: As someone who has such a powerful testimony of God's Love and Restorative power in the music industry, what defines success for you as an artist?
Jezreel: What defines success for me as an artist is souls. The whole purpose of God putting these talents and gifts in us is for His Kingdom. The more fruit we bear through our relationship with our neighbors, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and Father God, the more we have to feed to others. With the power of God, we as artists can create music that speaks life in dark places. We can create music that changes lives, changes situations, and outcomes in the lives of people that will ultimately lead them to Jesus Christ.

KingdomSoldNYC: So tell us about your music
Jezreel: My music is real, and raw. I use hip-hop and Caribbean rhythms.The music I create talks about the dark places that we can plunge into in our Christian walk. I speak of the iniquities that we struggle with that people may feel like they can't share for fear of being judged. I talk about my relationship with Jesus Christ. When I was making secular music, I used to sing about love, but that love has never measured to the love Jesus Christ gives. So now when I sing about love, I'm singing about the real deal.

KingdomSoldNYC:What's next for you?
Jezreel: I am releasing my new music from the collection of songs titled "Supernatural Love". I am also performing in various venues.

KingdomSoldNYC: Any shout outs you would like to give?
Jezreel: I would like to honor Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I'd like to give a shout out to my World Peace Global Ministry family, to my mom and dad who never stopped praying for me, and to everyone at Kingdom Sold for the opportunity.

KingdomSoldNYC: Any encouraging word for those that may come across this interview?
Jezreel: Yes. God doesn't love us based on who we are, what we look like or what we do for Him. He just loves us just because. He just can't help it. Always remember that when you are going through any hard times. Also, makes sure and spend time with Him. Build a relationship with Him.


                                                                      Jezreel Sweet
In this period where secular music is having such a strong impact on today's Youth Culture, Jezreel Sweet's desire is to encourage, motivate and lead people to the kingdom of God using music. These songs are a blend of Reggae/Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Zouk, and R&B have proven to be quite effective. Her lyrics, inspired by Holy Spirit revolve around living a positive lifestyle and doing the will of God. She has also been led to created songs around bible scripture called "scripture songs" or "Bible Bits" which help the listener to learn and meditate on the Word of God. The songs from "Elijah Fire", Jezreel's first gospel album, captures the attention of audiences everywhere regardless if they are believers or not.  

- Born in Florida to Haitian immigrant parents.
- She is a founding member of Dollaz-n-Dealz a local Entertainment label in Florida
- Has worked with Ace Hood.
- Rapper turned singer for the Kingdom of Heaven

" I used to be a rapper, rapping about ungodly things. Doing ungodly things. Then one day Jesus left the 99 sheep to come find the lost one (me !). I accepted His gift of salvation, and I'm not going back !"