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Fave books in bible jezreel sweet



Hey, you guys. I want to talk to you about my favorite books in the Bible. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Proverbs. Proverbs was written by Solomon, and he was the wisest person on earth then and now. He was the wisest person, like there's something that God gave him. I like reading Proverbs because it has common sense stuff in there. It has street smart stuff in there. Like you are who your friends are. That's in Proverbs 13 verse I think 20. 

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Did you miss jesus jezreel sweet



 Are we missing Jesus?
After Jesus died, and He resurrected, and came back to the tomb. Before he went back Heaven, He went to the tomb because Mary was there. But when she saw Him, she thought He was the gardener. As he began to speak, she said, "Lord, is that you?" It's Jesus. This shows she didn't recognize Him when she saw him.

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When Peter saw him from the shore, Peter said, "Is that you, Lord?" That means he didn't recognize Jesus. How can you

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Lead you to hell jezreel sweet



Today I want to talk about yokes. In the Bible there's a lot of mention about yokes. In Matthew 10 Jesus talks about being yoked with ... Taking his yoke upon yourself, so that your burdens may be easy and light.

Now, when we talk about yokes you want to think about what is a yoke? A yoke is something that they used back in the day with two oxen where they put one yoke on one ox,  and the other ox is yoked to the other this side.

So when Jesus says, "Take my yoke upon you." He's in one side of the yoke, and

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Fasting jezreel sweet


What is fasting? 
 Fasting is when you abstain from food. Spiritual fasting is when you stop eating, and you pray and read your bible for a certain amount of time. 

It could be one day, three days, seven days, 21 days or, 40 days. It can be one day out of the week. It can be one meal a day. 

 It can be from 6 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. Or it can be from 6 pm in the evening to 6 am in the morning. It's really up to you and what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. 

I would say the time frame, and

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I saw jesus christ jezreel sweet


I saw Jesus. The real Jesus. Jesus Christ. I always believed in Jesus and went to church, but I never saw Him. 
There were people around me  who were seeing Him and having visitations around me, and I wanted to experience Jesus face to face too. 

I was really seeking Him. I told Jesus I want to see You face to face. 
 I wanna see how real You are. And one night I saw Him appear to me in a dream. 

He's really tall, and He was wearing a white robe and a prayer shawl. His skin glows like he has light coming

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You are a deliverer jezreel sweet



You every wonder why you had it so hard? You every wonder you went through homelessness, rape, being molested, being in the streets, struggling with drugs, not having a mom or dad, people dying around you, people trying to kill you… ? You ever wonder why? It’s because you are a Deliverer. 

Everything that you have went through or are going through right now is because you are a Deliverer. The things that you are going through there is freedom now that you have found God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.



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