Are we missing Jesus?
After Jesus died, and He resurrected, and came back to the tomb. Before he went back Heaven, He went to the tomb because Mary was there. But when she saw Him, she thought He was the gardener. As he began to speak, she said, "Lord, is that you?" It's Jesus. This shows she didn't recognize Him when she saw him.

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When Peter saw him from the shore, Peter said, "Is that you, Lord?" That means he didn't recognize Jesus. How can you walk with Jesus for three and a half years, and you don't recognize Him? Right? Then, there were two people in the Bible who were walking. They were talking about the crucifixion of Jesus, and Jesus popped up behind them, and He was like, "What are you guys talking about?" They said, "You must not be from here if you don't know what happened to Jesus."  

                                Then, as they began to have a conversation, they realized, "Jesus, it's you." Again, they didn't recognize Him at first. Every who knew Him. They knew His face, but that means Jesus can disguises Himself. Right?

In order to know Jesus, you have to have an intimate and personal relationship with Him. That way, when Jesus does appear to you, you will know it's Him because you have an intimate relationship with Him,  and because you know His personality.

For the people that are like, "What are you talking about? Jesus can't disguise himself?" In the Bible it says, " be careful how you entertain strangers, because they can be angels. If angels can disguises themselves as human beings, you don't think Jesus can come to earth and disguise Himself? 

                                The people that were around Jesus for three and a half years, they didn't even recognize Him until he started to speak with them. Another way that we as Christians could be missing Jesus, it when it says in Matthew 25, "Jesus says, 'You didn't feed me. You didn't give Me anything to drink. You didn't clothe me. You didn't give me a place to stay. When I was in prison you didn't visit me. When I was sick you didn't come to hospital and visit me."

" The righteous which is the church, they said, "When did we do all those things to you?" Jesus said, "When you didn't do it for your sisters and your brothers, you didn't do it for me." That's another way that we can miss Jesus. Think to yourself, reflect. Are we missing Jesus? Are you missing Jesus on a day-to-day basis?

Are you missing Jesus? God bless you guys.

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