Hey, you guys. I want to talk to you about my favorite books in the Bible. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Proverbs. Proverbs was written by Solomon, and he was the wisest person on earth then and now. He was the wisest person, like there's something that God gave him. I like reading Proverbs because it has common sense stuff in there. It has street smart stuff in there. Like you are who your friends are. That's in Proverbs 13 verse I think 20. 

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                                Basically, he's saying, "If you hang around with stupid people, you're going to be stupid. If you hang around with wise people, you're going to be wise." That's just common sense. He has stuff in there like, "Don't fall for get-rich-quick schemes. You'll be better off just grinding everyday, working harder." He has things in there like, "If you lend to the poor, you're lending to God." That's wisdom right there. That's great wisdom. 

                                Another book that I like to read is the Psalms. Psalms was written by David. David was the father of Solomon who wrote Proverbs. It says in the Bible that David is a man after God's own heart. If David had that close of a relationship with God, I want to see like, "Is there any tips in there for me?" Also, Psalms is the book that Jesus used to quote a lot. It's like there's mysteries in Psalms. Then, I just like who David was. David was a worshiper. He was a musician. He wrote songs, he played songs. He was a warrior. He was a king. If you're a Christian, if you're born again, you're a king. I like David, and obviously so does God. 

                                My other favorite book to read is, of course, the Gospels. There's four Gospels. There's Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark, but my favorite one is Mark. I don't know why. I like Mark. It's like it's more concise, more compact. I guess that's just how I am, I don't talk a lot. Basically, he just gives you an overall view, but at the same time, it still has some nuggets in there. I like reading Mark. I like reading the words of Jesus. 

                                Man, Jesus, He's humble, but at the same time, when the Pharisees used try to  kill Him, He used his wisdom to get on them. I love it. I love Jesus, how he used to just use wisdom, and use the word, and use common sense to answer the Pharisees. Like, "You're telling me not to heal on the Sabbath, but if your donkey falls into the well, you're trying to tell me that you're not going pull the donkey out of the well? Who's life is greater, a donkey or a human being?" I love Jesus. 

                                Then, my other favorite book is Genesis. Genesis is an awesome book, because some of the things that happen in Genesis, just starting with the first family, Adam and Eve, it's like it still affects us till this day. Like after Adam Eve got cursed for falling for the trick of Satan, one of the curses that Eve had was she would labor during childbearing. People are still laboring during childbearing to this day. 

                                Then, another curse was, instead of Adam just living on the land and relaxing and chilling and just having dominion over the land, God said, "Okay, now, you're going to have to work for your food, you're going to have to till the ground." Till this day, you have to work hard. Of course, you have God's favor, and grace, and things like that, but you have to work. If you don't work, you don't eat. That's in Solomon. When I say work, I don't mean like going to a job. Anything can be your work. Whatever you love to do, your passion, you still have to work at it. If you like to preach, you have to work as a preacher. That's just how it is. Genesis has everything. It has Noah, it has Jacob, it has Isaac, it has Joseph. It has everything in there. 

                                Then, one of my other favorite books is, I like the books that Paul wrote, too. Paul wrote a lot of the New Testament. Basically, if Paul was alive today, he would just be somebody you would just say to yourself that guy is just real. He's just real. I like the way he writes and the way he talks. He's just straight up. He's a straight-up person. You can tell by some of the stuff that he wrote to the churches, like how he was rebuking them, how he was saying how ... He's just real. I can see why God chose to use him for that part of the Bible. 

                                What other book do I like?
I like Revelation even though sometimes it's hard to understand. I like Revelation, because Revelation is like a movie. It's like a sci-fi movie. I'm not trying to blaspheme the Holy Spirit or anything like that, but it's just like a movie. Like you need a lot of revelation. You need a lot of revelations to  understand Revelations. Those are the books in the Bible that I like. 

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