I saw Jesus. The real Jesus. Jesus Christ. I always believed in Jesus and went to church, but I never saw Him. 
There were people around me  who were seeing Him and having visitations around me, and I wanted to experience Jesus face to face too. 

I was really seeking Him. I told Jesus I want to see You face to face. 
 I wanna see how real You are. And one night I saw Him appear to me in a dream. 

He's really tall, and He was wearing a white robe and a prayer shawl. His skin glows like he has light coming from His skin. 
His eyes pierce you. You can't hide what your thinking or feeling. 


Watch the video below:

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His eyes pierce you to the core. He sees everything. 
In Colossians 1: 16 it says we were created by Him and for Him. When you see Him you are face to face with the person who designed and customized you. 
 When you meet Him it is like love at first sight. 

When you meet Jesus it's like nothing else matters. Everything you thought was important is not important anymore. 
When you meet Him your life WILL change. 

I saw Jesus, but you can see Him too! I'm not special or holy. 
Trust me you just don't know. There are many people on Youtube if you type in " I saw Jesus" who have seen Him. 
Muslims, atheists, dope dealers, ex-murderers, strippers, kids, you name it are all seeing Jesus. He is appearing to us by grace. 

No one on this earth is good. 

To come face to face with Jesus Christ, the Son of God and man, the person who died on the cross is only by grace. 
So it's doesn't matter who you are, where your from, what religion you are, what you have done, or what your doing now. 
You can meet Jesus! And He can change your life. 

He did not come to condemn you, but He came to save you. He came to save the World. 
If you want to see Jesus speak to Him. Pray. Tell Him "Jesus I want to see you face to face. 
 I want to see if your real. Show me your glory." 

And you will be able to see Him. He WILL appear to you. 
He loves you. The same way you want to see Him is the same way He wants to encounter you. 

I saw Jesus, and you can too. God bless you. 

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