Today I want to talk about yokes. In the Bible there's a lot of mention about yokes. In Matthew 10 Jesus talks about being yoked with ... Taking his yoke upon yourself, so that your burdens may be easy and light.

Now, when we talk about yokes you want to think about what is a yoke? A yoke is something that they used back in the day with two oxen where they put one yoke on one ox,  and the other ox is yoked to the other this side.

So when Jesus says, "Take my yoke upon you." He's in one side of the yoke, and he wants you to join him on the other side of the yoke so that you guys can walk and work together, and abide in each other.

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If you're not yoked with Jesus, and you're in a yoke, you're going to be yoked with something else. Most likely it's going to be Satan or the world, or you could be yoked with maybe that best friend. The thing is, the person who is stronger in the yoke is going to lead the other person where they need to be, or where they're not supposed to be, so if you're yoked with the world, the world is going to lead you into deeper and deeper things that you're not supposed to be in.

 That's why it also says in the Bible when you're getting married to somebody to not be unequally yoked with somebody who's not in Christ, because if that person is into other things like let's say witchcraft or maybe they're not into spiritual things at all, and they're not aware of what's going on in this world they're going to lead you deeper and deeper into the grave. 

                                It says, "Let the blind lead the blind." Or, "The blind lead the blind into the pit." Something like that. You could write down your comments and add that for me, but yeah so when you're yoked with Jesus he says his yoke is easy and light, so basically when they have two oxen together, sometimes one ox is stronger than the other one, so in this case Jesus would be stronger than you. Yes, you're yoked up with him, but he's basically carrying your burden, so as you're walking with Christ, and you're going through things that are too much for you to bear, you got to understand that Jesus is with you. He's yoked with you, so everything that you can't bear, he is bearing it on his shoulders. He already bore your sins. He already bore everything that's in you that is not of God, so basically when you're yoked with Jesus you're not doing it on your own. He's helping you every step of the way. Like this. He's helping you every step of the way. 

                                When you're yoked with Jesus, if you don't know what to do he'll tell you what to do. When you're yoked with Jesus he'll teach you what to do. All you have to do is ask for help, and also when you're yoked with Jesus any unGodly yokes will be broken, so if you choose to be yoked with Jesus, any unGodly yokes that you are yoked to, be it witchcraft, be it hatred, be it jealousy, be it any secret societies, any covenants, unGodly covenants, all those yokes will be broken. When you're yoked with Jesus every chain will be broken, so my question is to you again, who are you yoked with?

What are you yoked with?

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