You every wonder why you had it so hard? You every wonder you went through homelessness, rape, being molested, being in the streets, struggling with drugs, not having a mom or dad, people dying around you, people trying to kill you… ? You ever wonder why? It’s because you are a Deliverer. 

Everything that you have went through or are going through right now is because you are a Deliverer. The things that you are going through there is freedom now that you have found God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.





Now you can go back to the people who are still going through these things and say, “Hey there is a solution.” 

“I understand the loneliness, the pain, and despair that you’re going through. I used to be like that, and go through that.” 

When you tell someone that, it’s a way to relate and show them love. Just showing the love of Christ by saying that you’ve been there, and you know what it’s like. Even though I am a Christian now, I know what it’s like. But at the same time there is a God that can get you out of these things. 

When Moses left Egypt, he had no intention of going back. He got married, and started a family in a new land. It was God who said I need you to go back to Egypt and deliver my people. 

The woman at the well’s life changed after she spoke to Jesus. She was so excited about finding the Messiah, she went out and brought a whole city to Jesus. 

Then there is the man who was living in a graveyard that Jesus set free. After he got delivered, he wanted to leave and follow Jesus. But Jesus said I need you to stay in this land, and be a witness and a living testimony of the mercy, love, and grace of God to the people here. That they may be led to the Father. 

So everything you are going through or been through is not for you. You have to be able to relate to people on the same level of what has happened to you, so you can have compassion on them. 

Jesus stripped Himself of His heavenly glory to come on earth and relate to us. There is no pain, no hurt that Jesus can’t feel. He came as a human being. He understands. He is the Deliverer. 

And through Christ we have become Deliverers as well. Don’t forget where you came from because of bitterness or pain. You are a Deliverer. Go and deliver someone through the love of Jesus Christ. 

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